Vibraphone, Congas, Backup Vocals

Vibraphone, Congas, Backup Vocals
Latin Rock,Salsa, R&B
  Latin Knight
Limbo Party
Los Angeles, California
Original Leader of "The Silhouettes", hired Richie Valens, 1957
Boulevard Knights, 2000-present

Gil Rocha was born in Los Angeles California, where he grew up in San Fernando. Gil attended San Fernando High School and later went on to Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys, California.

"I am the original leader of the 1957 band "The Silhouettes". I hired Ritchie Valens into the band and the rest is Rock & Roll history. I joined "Boulevard Knights" in 2000, and have enjoyed watching our musical style develop into what it is today."
-Gil Rocha, Dec 2001