Trumpet, Flugalhorn, Percussion, Backup Vocals

Trumpet, Flugal Horn, Percussion, Backup Vocals
Jazz, Swing, Latin, Classical
March 26, 1949 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Member of Antelope Valley Jazz Ensemble
Member of Boulevard Knights, TBD-present

Alonzo James was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended Palmdale High School and went on to receive an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Antelope Valley College.

"I grew up in Baton Rouge where I began playing the french horn in junior high, and eventually moved to the trumpet when I started high school.

My family moved to the Antelope Valley in 1963 where I attended Palmdale High School. During this time my musical interest and styles were mostly in the direction of Big Band Swing, Jazz and Latin.

In 1967, I gradurated HIgh School and attended Antelope Valley College where I was instructed by the band director, the late Charles Costarella, who was not only a mentor, but a friend, teacher and trumpet virtuoso.

About five years ago, after nearly a 20 year hiatus, I started back playing again and enjoying it more than ever. Since that time I’ve performed with several bands and combos – got my 'Chops' back.

Before settling down with the Boulevard Knights, I played with the Antelope Valley Jazz Band, under the leadership of Lee Matelon – a 'no-nonsense' band leader, and a very accomplished saxman."
-Alonzo James, November 2002